Medical Cleaning

We Serve our Medical Community in Washington, Somerset and Belleville, NJ, as well as the entire New Jersey area

CNJ Cleaning Service is a full-service cleaning company- in Somerset and Belleville, NJ, as well as the entire New Jersey area - that is fully equipped to handle cleaning all types of medical facilities in the area. We work beyond the scope of our regular cleaning services to bring you the best with our training and up-to-date cleaning technologies to serve the community better.

We focus on medical offices and medical centers in the Tri-State area.

We Service:

  • Hospitals
  • Dental Offices
  • Medical Centers
  • Medical Supply Stores
  • Nursing Homes
  • Clinics

We provide the best medical facility cleaning technologies with our UV light disinfection services, which is used in hospital operating rooms. The UV lights we use disinfect 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, in a safe and effective process.

Meticulous Cleaning of Your Medical Facility

It is important that we are training our staff to know everything they need to know for cleaning in a healthcare facility. We know how crucial it is to have a clean and safe environment and our employees will receive specific training on:

  • Hospital-grade cleaning to prevent infection and department-specific procedures.
  • Safety requirements and HIPAA regulations.
  • Bloodborne pathogens and transference.
  • Handling personal protective equipment.
  • Complete understanding of biohazards.
  • Full sanitation
  • Floorcare

Why CNJ?

  • We keep a flexible schedule according to the needs of the client. We can visit you at any given hour. It is an option not many cleaning companies offer.
  • We offer you customized/personalized plans according to the unique needs of your house or office. We don't use one fits all approach.
  • Our team exhibits a high level of professionalism and punctuality. We finish our work within the specified time as we know how uncomfortable staying outside your house can be.
  • We only use modern equipment that is approved by the CDC and labeled safe for disinfecting purposes. All disinfectants we use are to protect from Covid and Influenza.
  • We are a fully insured cleaning company offering disinfecting services. With our disinfecting procedures, you can use the place immediately after the process is finished as there are no harmful fumes involved.

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We promise quality and reliable cleaning service every time so our loyal customers feel respected and their needs taken care of. We work hard to be the best. The products we use are high quality and safe. We focus on the details so you have a clean, orderly office every time in Somerset and Belleville, NJ, as well as the entire New Jersey area.

To set up consultations, ask questions, get quotes, or anything else, call us at 732-207-2121.